Welcome to the family!

Hello! We are a collective of collectives… We are a group of four bodies with a number of systems between us. We are just now discovering and exploring our multiplicity, and it seems like tumblr is a great place to find like-minded kin. Here’s a little bit about all of us:

- Raychel’s Library: “We refer to ourselves as Raychel’s Library. We all share an otherspace called The Library! My front is a cisgendered female who shares a queerplatonic bond with her soul partner, Starrkat, who is also a multiples system. My system currently includes 3 members: Raychel (my lovely front!), Tonban (an older, wise, cisgendered male merkin… We turn to him for advice all the time), Asbiorn Snorrason (a genderfluid male-bodied Norse peasant, who is sometimes possessed by Loki. Ze’s typically quite mild-mannered, but occasionally the impish Trickster god comes out to play!). We are still discovering ourselves… we realize that it’s entirely possible that there are more interesting beings inhabiting The Library, but we have not yet discovered them yet. If you would like to know anything else about us, just ask! :)”

- Starrkat: “We are Starrkat. We are collective of 4 distinct beings. First is Midori, a cisgender, female, green kitsune who likes origami. Next is Polyanna, a poly, objectum sexual, heteroromantic. She describes herself as an anthropomorphic transethnic teacup. It is a peaceful life. Next is Zephon, an incarnation of Lucifer’s right-hand rebel angel, who takes the form of a peregrine falcon. Ze is agender and seeks to redeem zerself through a relationship with Cas, who is one of Redgermore’s multiples. Finally, we have the star system Monoceros. Monoceros is the unicorn. It shines brightly next to Orion.”

- Redgermore: “Our name is Redgermore! We are a collective of 5 beings. Our usual front also goes by the name Redgermore. He goes by Redge and is an FTM transgendered werewolf. He is bisexual and poly. ;) Next is Steave & Saemon, a pair of fraternal plush cat twins. They love each other very much, but often times they don’t see eye to eye. They are also both asexual. There is also Langley, a hellcat/dragon crossbreed. Langley is a non-gendered, pansexual who loves to cook. Ze is currently pursuing a relationship with Yolotli. Our last inhabitant is Castiel, a fictive that is loosely portrayed in the TV series Supernatural. He is in a monogamous relationship with Zephon.”

- Lair of Hawthorne: “We are a multiples system that lives deep within an ancient grove of Hawthorne trees. Our usual front is named Grenda. We also include Kuramitsu, an aromantic, cisgendered female tree nymph and archer; Evgeniya, an Amur leopard therian female; Struan, a male-leaning, genderqueer Kelpie; and Yolotli. Yolotli is a little bit hard to pin down because ze is a small colony of Mexican free-tailed bats.”

We will all write more about our experiences, identities, and hardships — as well as all of the fun we have together, learning about and loving one another! If you have any questiosn, just ask. :D

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